Best Windwalker Monk Talent Build – Dragonflight 10.0.5

Monk talent build

The Windwalker Monk is an incredibly versatile class, capable of dealing with everything from single-target combat to AoE damage. As such, selecting the correct talent set is key for increasing your DPS potential.

With so many tiers and talents to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which are best suited for your class. Typically, each tier will have a central theme and be split up between single-target versus AoE abilities.


Monks are an uncommon class in Dragonflight and will see major changes to their talent build system, enabling them to select from a vast selection of talents.

The Monk has two talent trees, one for their standard Monk class and another for Windwalker specialization. The standard Monk tree can be seen on the left at 31 points.

Monks should consider this option since it grants Constitution and Wisdom increases, both of which provide flexible ability score increases. Unfortunately, there aren’t many useful abilities specifically tailored to this class.

The Windwalker specialization is a melee DPS option that utilizes Energy and Chi to deal damage. This spec has great mobility, being able to burst down targets quickly; however, historically it has lagged behind other specs in raids.


Monks make excellent melee DPS, boasting a special set of skills they use to their advantage. While Dexterity is their main ability score, Monks also require Constitution and Wisdom in order to function optimally.

Your goal should be to maximize your Constitution and hit points while simultaneously increasing Dexterity and Wisdom scores. This can be accomplished with additional skills or by taking feats like Defensive Duelist.

Monks must strive to boost their AC, as a low AC can leave them vulnerable to damage from distance. A Defensive Tactics skill can be beneficial here too, particularly when using a spear and two-handed attacks.

Monks possess some powerful self-buff abilities such as Diffuse Magic and Dampen Harm. These can reduce the damage you take during combat, giving you an edge for running Mythic+ dungeons with increased survivability.


The Monk is a front-line martial class designed primarily for melee combat. They also possess various healing and support abilities that depend on their subclasses and proficiencies.

Dexterity and Constitution are the two most essential attributes for Monks: They rely heavily on Dexterity for attacks and damage, so having strong Dexterity is paramount. Additionally, monks require high AC and hit points since they use d8 hit dice.

They possess an impressive Ki pool, which they can spend to strike fear into enemies and heal those close to them. Furthermore, Monks possess a range of skills that utilize Ki – powerful tools in their arsenal.

The Monk’s movement is enhanced by its enhanced speed and Mobility feat. Dash makes it even easier to maneuver around enemy opportunity attacks, so even with heavy encumbrance you should be able to traverse most terrain with ease.


Monks possess an unparalleled combination of raw mobility, survivability and utility. Their powerful damage output and versatile skill set make them perfect for dungeons, raids and Mythic+ content alike.

They make an ideal choice for solo players and groups alike, due to their powerful DPS and cleave abilities that allow them to quickly take down mobs with minimal effort. Furthermore, they are one of the most versatile classes in World of Warcraft; capable of melee DPS, tanking, and healing duties.

As a monk, it is essential that you equip gear that suits your role. This could include items which increase armor and strength levels as well as weapons which increase damage output.

When selecting items with high attribute counts and priority stats, you should prioritize using Legendary items with excellent stat rolls that offer a significant bonus to that particular stat.