How to Build a Priest Talent tree in Dragonflight 10.0.5

Priest talent build

Priests are one of the most versatile classes in World of Warcraft and a formidable PvP option. They possess three specialization talent trees: Discipline, Holy and Shadow.

Both healing specializations offer similar abilities, yet each has some distinctive traits that set them apart from each other. Deep Holy provides extra throughput and sustain while Power Infusion offers a slight DPS boost – both of which can be used during progression.

1. Circle of Healing

At level 50 of Holy Specialization, Priests can learn the Circle of Healing spell. This “smart heal” mechanic prioritizes healing the most injured party members.

It can be used for healing groups of players without needing them all together, as well as soloing. Furthermore, it gives survivors the ability to quickly repair themselves after experiencing lethal damage.

2. Sanctified Prayers

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3. Renewed Faith

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4. Angelic Feather

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5. Body and Soul

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6. Cosmic Ripple

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7. Purge the Wicked

Purge the Wicked is an effective talent that can be used on nearly every ramp to give it an extra edge. Additionally, it replaces Shadow Word: Pain for raids, providing a longer-lasting Damage Over Time effect which may spread to other enemies with Penance.

This talent is ideal for when you have some free time as it adds extra cleave to Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death while also getting extra damage back from the same source. However, it’s essential that you know when to utilize this talent so that you don’t miss out on its full damaging potential.

8. Divine Star

Divine Star is a Priest talent that works like this:

Throw a divine star forward 27 yards, healing allies along its path for [70% of Spell Power] and dealing Holy damage to enemies with an additional 56% Spell Power. Afterwards, it returns to you again, healing allies and damaging enemies in its path once more.

Essentially, this AoE spell offers a great mana return. Unfortunately, its positioning limitations may prevent it from being ideal for many priests.

9. Halo

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10. Last Word

It can be tempting to try and gain the upper hand during an argument. However, that isn’t the best strategy for winning a debate.

Last Word was removed from the game in Patch 8.0.1 due to a shift in focus towards AOE gameplay for the class. This could pose new issues for players.