Paladin Talent Build Guide For World of Warcraft

Paladin talent build

Paladins are renowned for their ability to absorb and survive damage. This makes them ideal for tanking mobs in 5-man instances or raids.

However, their lack of mob kill speed and downtime means they aren’t one of the faster leveling classes. To counteract this issue, select a Protection spec early on and invest heavily into developing your Protection Tree and talents that come with it.


The Paladin talent build Holy is a powerful healing-focused build that can also take some damage. It has various spell priorities and the capacity to handle most encounters.

This build prioritizes AoE burst healing, using Beacon of Virtue and Empyrean Legacy to keep up with the demand, along with Holy Avenger which increases healing from Holy Shock. Beacon of Faith can serve as a second beacon, extending the range of Light of Dawn and other single target heals so you can hit more allies in more spread-out situations or increase Tower of Radiance’s healing effects.

This build offers you plenty of customization options, as you can select talents from the top row to the bottom in order to tailor your healing and rotations accordingly. While trial and error may be required to get everything just right, once you find that balance, it should make for a rewarding experience.


If you’re searching for a DPS class that provides strong burst damage and great group utility, Retribution is your ideal option. Equipped with Judgement and Holy Power as their spending resources, Ret paladins can dispatch enemies with devastating ease.

Ret’s extensive arsenal of support, buff, and utility spells makes them incredibly versatile in PvP and PvE battles. This makes them an ideal pick for dungeons, raids, as well as endgame content like dungeons.

Our guide will provide you with all the information necessary for leveling, gearing, and maxing your Retribution Paladin for Mythic+ and Mythic Raiding dungeons in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands patch 9.2.7. It is based on 50 top-rated Retribution Paladins across US, EU, KR, and TW regions.


Protection Paladins are one of the few classes capable of absorbing damage like a sponge and keeping others safe. They’re also renowned for their capacity to tank multiple mobs at once, making them ideal for 5-man instances and raiding.

Aside from their capacity for absorption damage, they possess an impressive array of tanking abilities and rely heavily on healing spells. This makes them highly effective in combat, especially against melee targets who do not run or use magic/ranged attacks.

Building your protection paladin requires focusing on talents that will allow you to absorb maximum damage while keeping other targets alive. This is primarily accomplished through the talent tree, but you can also invest in other aspects of the class for extra support for your team.


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